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12-Apr-2020 11:56

You might even argue that they are major factors for MOST people. My point is: there are loads of factors that someone might consider “major” when it comes to date-ability.

And yet, why should we allow filters for one thing and not another? What is a dealbreaker for you might not be a dealbreaker for someone else.

At this point if you can’t tell they’re trans, find them attractive, and that becomes the dealbreaker, it’s not their problem.

It’s just you have to realize that becomes your problem and you can just ignore them.

If they didn’t mention they were trans then that would be a problem.

It seems like it would hurt a lot of trans people’s ability to date and not really effect yours.

I find it irritating when I'm using a dating site like Tinder, Ok Cupid, whatever and I stumble across a "woman" only to realize that it's a man that has transitioned or (in most cases) is in the process of transitioning to become a woman.

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All comments that earned deltas (from OP or other users) are listed here, in r/Delta Log.I don't want to debate the legitimacy of transgenderism as that's not what I'm here about and my opinions are not likely to change in that regard.I'm open to discussing the why's and why not's, my view could be changed by a reasonable explanation of why dating sites shouldn't function this way.There are plenty of women who aren't transgendered and wouldn't be able to reproduce with you.

You would not be able to filter out women who fall into this category with some sort of transgender indicator.That differs by person, so where do we draw the line feasibly?Do we make every person upload a detailed profile of everything that someone might care about in a prospective partner and make the results endlessly searchable? As for feeling that trans people owe it to make it known that they are trans from the jump, I don’t agree that they should be obligated to do that.In one case I was already at the bar drinking when they arrived and it was obvious that they were trans and either hoped I wouldn't notice or wouldn't care.

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I find it irritating when I'm using a dating site like Tinder, OkCupid, whatever and I stumble. So transgender men and women should have their own separate designations from men and women on dating sites. Feel free to message us.… continue reading »

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