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23-Sep-2020 02:02

Some of the solid girls who you usually hang out with may flake, they may get a boyfriend, or they may stop being interested in you…that’s fine, and it’s why you need a constant trickle of new women to replace them. They want a man who knows who he is, on a very deep level, and won’t change his opinions, personality, or feelings for anyone else.When a man lacks integrity, and is dishonest through his actions and words, women become extremely turned off, because they sense that he’s flaky.They want to know if he’s confident or not, they want to know what his fears are…they want to know WHO HE IS.So if you only ever try to have sex with a woman, without engaging in any sort of meaningful conversation, you probably won’t get laid as much as you like. Hell, when I first started learning game I only showed women my sexual side.When women say that they hate “nice guys,” what they really mean is they hate men who just agree for the sake of agreeing.They want a man with a rock-solid frame, who doesn’t change himself just to fit in or be liked.They sense that he’s flimsy and that he doesn’t really stand for anything.

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I have Trump stickers around my house, and sometimes when I have women come over, they’ll notice them. Most guys would shy away, and sheepishly lie about how “it’s a joke,” or something like that. I’m very upfront about my political opinions, and even if women vehemently disagree with them, they usually end up being even more attracted to me. Again, because they sense I’m just being I’m not bullshitting them, I’m not lying, and I’m not manipulating.

Men are primarily attracted to visual cues—in other words, a woman’s appearance turns us on.

Obviously there’s other factors that come into play, like her feminine energy, her personality, and everything else, but men care a lot about how a girl looks.

If you’re just starting off with game, don’t worry about this one as much yet, but if you’ve been at it for a year or so, this is definitely something to consider.

Create a “rotation,” of cool girls that you enjoy spending time with, and pepper in some new ones, too.

Women, on the other hand, care more about a man’s IMAGE…big difference.

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