Good places to fuck

01-Feb-2021 07:59

It's important to remember that public sex is a felony offense in most states, and it can get you branded as a sex offender if you're unlucky.That being said, abandoned buildings are a good option if you want to have sex in public without being caught.I mean, come on, having sex on the kitchen counter shouldn't just be a thing that happens in movies.Here are seven places you could have sex in your home, aside from your boring AF bedroom: Ah, the bathroom. And no, I'm not talking about doing it in the shower!Like with any other seriously public and highly populous place, you have to be careful—and yes, this place can risk you getting busted by police.Depending on where you do it, getting banned from the mall will be the least of your worries.

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Here are some of the best places for public sex, if you can handle them. Assuming that you're not in a super classy club, chances are that you've seen at least one or two instances where people decided to have sex in a bathroom stall. I won't say it's need to pee—but I will say it's an expected move to witness at least once.If you're just looking to give a handjob, or are foolhardy enough to give a blowjob, this is a good option. Full-blown sex in a movie theater is not a good option for that reason alone.That being said, Alanis Morisette pointed it out—not everyone will be the type of person to go down on you in a theater.Having sex against the front door pretty much guarantees at least one person will hear you guys getting it on when they walk by your apartment. Just make sure you guys don't get why it's called a "shag" rug? If you're fortunate enough to have space for a bar area in your home, you can get all kinky up on the counter. If you're feeling extra adventurous, maybe even have a shot of Jame-O in the middle of it all.

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